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The Marksman

 108 minutes (1 hours 48 minutes)
UK release date Released: 26th February 2021  |
US release date Released: 21st January 2021  |  MPAA Age Rating:  The Marksman PG-13 age rating 
No cover art for The Marksman

Directed by

Robert Lorenz


Katheryn Winnick
Juan Pablo Raba
Teresa Ruiz
Grayson Berry
Customs Officer
Lelia Symington
Luce Rains
Everett Crawford
Dylan Kenin
Chase Mullins
Alex Knight
Carl Neeham
Dominic Cancelliere
Esodie Geiger
K9 Officer
Jacob Perez
Vic Browder
Highway Patrol Officer
Gonzalo Robles
Latino Thug
Kellen Boyle
Jared Corum
Christian Hicks
Agent Denny
Sean A. Rosales
David DeLao
Destiny Pearl Salgado
Child playing soccer
Sandra Salgado
Patricia Rodriguez
Yediel Quiles
Richard Fike
Truck Driver
Roger Jerome
Cheo Tapia
Border driver
Garrett Ielapi
Cartel Thug
Jeremy Evitts
Tattooed man
Charles David Richards
Gun Store Owner
Elias Gallegos
Agent Diaz
Clark Sanchez
Brian Gackowski
Store Clerk
Scott Shirai
Asian store keeper
Chris Breen
Restaurant Patron
Jeffrey Cain
Reese Foster
Border Patrol Officer
Adam Hicks
Border Patrol Agent
Mike Kuse
Border Patrol Officer
Dustin Pennington
Jeff Salgado
Melissa Santiago
Church Bake Sale Lady
Ming Wang
Lew Wurdeman
Border crossing pedestrian / Border crossing driver
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UK Release date

26th February 2021

UK release date countdown

UK release countdown

Popularity over the last 10 days
27th Jan 2021
26th Jan 2021
25th Jan 2021
24th Jan 2021
23rd Jan 2021
22nd Jan 2021
21st Jan 2021
20th Jan 2021
19th Jan 2021
18th Jan 2021

One again there was little in the way of new release which means the top 5 movies more or less stayed the same as the previous week.

The Liam Neeson starring The Marksman remained at the top and and The Croods: A New Age and <>Wonder Woman 1984 swapped places, and thats it really!

There was one new entry one he chart, Our Friend starring Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel limped in at number 8 with $250,000 over the weekend.

US box office Quickview

  • Number 1 - The Marksman (2nd weekend)
  • Highest debut - Our Friend (@8)
  • Longest run - The War With Grandpa*
  • Highest total gross - The Croods: A New Age ($41,835,455)*
  • *Not including re-releases

Here is a rundown of the US top 5 movies 22nd - 24th January 2021

The Marksman

Remaining at the top for a second weekend is the Liam Neeson action movie directed by Robert Lorenz which takes $2.03 million, a 37% drop.

The movie has taken $6.09 Million after 2 weeks of release.

The Croods: A New Age

The Croods: A New Age

The animated sequel movie directed by Joel Crawford takes $1.82 Million, an 11% drop from last weekend.

The movie has taken $41.83 Million over a 9 week release.

Wonder Woman 1984

Sinking a bit faster than Warner would have expected the DC Universe sequel movie takes $1.6 Million over the weekend, a 38% drop.

The film which came out on HBO Max and cinemas over christmas has now taken $37.7 Million after 5 weeks.

News Of The World

Starring Tom Hanks the movie has Oscar buzz and take $810,000 this weekend, 23% down from last weekend, giving the movie a total of $9.65 Million over 5 weeks.

Monster Hunter~2020

Starring Milla Jovovich the video game movie adaptation takes $810,000 over the weekend, down 12% from last weekend, the movie now has $10.18 Million over 6 weeks of release.

After scoring a big hit towards the end of 2020 with Honest Thief Liam Neeson is back once again in the Pandemic era with The Marksman which makes its debut a the top.

With many cinemas in the US still closed there are no other new film on the top 10 this weekend and the top 5 just performs a bit of a shift with everything dropping one place.

With no sigh yet of a return to normal we have a while to wait until we get a substantial new release.

US box office Quickview.

  • Number 1 - The Marksman (1st Week)
  • Highest debut - The Marksman (@1)
  • Longest run - The War With Grandpa (15 weeks)
  • Highest total gross - The Croods: A New Age ($39,289,465)*
  • *Excluding re-releases

Weekly breakdown of the US top 5 15th - 17th January 2021

The Marksman

Liam Neeson strikes again as he returns to the top in his latest starring role which takes $3.2 Million on its debut weekend.

Compared to Neeson's last release during the COVID-19 pandemic this is a little lower as Honest Thief took $3.7 Million on its debut.

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

The DC Universe superhero movie is available on streaming which will have effected its box office performance but this week falls from the top where it spent 3 weeks to number 2 with $2.6 Million, only 13% down from last weekend.

The movie has now taken $35.8 Million over its for weeks of release, as a comparison the original Wonder Woman from 2017 had taken $318.1 Million by the same point, but a comparison is unfair of course.

The Croods: A New Age

Doing surprisingly well still is the animated sequel starring Nicholas Cage which this week takes just over $2 Million, an increase of 11% from last weekend.

This pushes the movies total gross to $39.2 Million after 8 weeks of release, quite a feat considering the pandemic and that the movie is available on streaming.

News Of The World

The Tom Hanks staring Oscar contender falls to 4 this weekend with a gross of $1 Million, 15% drop from last weekend, giving the movie $8.5 Million after 4 weeks of release.

Monster Hunter~2020

Paul W.S. Anderson's video game adaptation is at 5 this weekend with $920,000, 17% down from last weekend, giving the movie a new total of $9 Million after 5 weeks.