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The Suicide Squad

UK release date Released: 6th August 2021  |
The Suicide Squad

Directed by

James Gunn


Taika Waititi
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UK Release date

6th August 2021

US Release date

6th August 2021

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Warner Bros. have today started a trend which could see an significant dent to cinema and Box Office figures forever by announcing that their 2021 film releases will go to HBO Max the same day as theatrical, but only in America.

Its only in America at the moment, as HBO Max is only available there, and although they have specially said 2021 at the moment if it works and makes them money it will likely be forever.

Wonder Woman 1984

Box office figures this year have been poor to non-existent because of the pandemic, and they will effect the early part of 2021 at least which is why Warner have made this announcement, but if it proves successful then it is bound to last.

Disney are likely to announce something similar at they have their Disney+ platform which is proving to be popular, and with many anticipated movies, including the Marvel Universe Black Widow, set for 2021, many of which have been pushed from 2020, they also have a busy release schedule in the coming year.


Wonder Woman 1984 is a 2020 movie which is getting a day and date release on Christmas day 2020 and will be joined in 2021 by the likes of The Suicide Squad and Dune, along with the as yet untitled The Matrix 4.

Cinema has a long hard road ahead, and the new trend suggest that just maybe we wont ever have a box office like we have enjoyed in the past, sad time indeed.

After a fairly lacklustre summer season of 2016 where the highlight was a bunch of anti-heroes in the shape of the Suicide Squad, will the Autumn schedule deliver?

We had high hopes but had few thrills, out side of the DC movie Suicide Squad Ghostbusters gave us a good laugh but didn't deliver as expected Finding Dory pulled in the audiences but left us flat.

The rest of the year has some highlights but there is caution as the 2 biggest films are both sequels outside of their parent film series.

Before we even get to them in the latter part of the year we have a number of promises, Captain Fantastic starring Viggo Mortensen looks promising and American hit Kubo and The Two String gives a refreshing animation outside Disney.

Of course we have British favourite Bridget Jones's Baby which is getting good reviews at the moment and a bit after that the recently announced Blair Witch remake/reboot/sequel.

Getting a lot of marketing hype is the remake/retelling of The Magnificent Seven and the looking promising, and a return to form for Tim Burton is Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children.

Tom Hanks returns to detective mode for a third time in Inferno, although I didn't like the previous 2 films and then another sequel emerges mid October with Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher Never Go Back.

Marvel return to their cinematic universe with a new hero in the shape of Doctor Strange and another sequel/reboot come in early November with Rings, the next in (surprise) The Ring series.

After the hotly anticipated Arrival starring Amy Adams arrives the season kicks up a gear with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first move into the Wizarding World outside Harry Potter.

The film, penned by J. K. Rowling, is being hyped to death and not surprisingly, the 8 Potter films did fantastic business at the box office and this is directed by series expert David Yates whic just seems to get the ideas Rowling writes about.

Warner Bros. will be hoping this shows there is still life in the seemingly dormant series and please fans of the original and set up a new generation, 2 more film are already planned.

After that injection things go quiet with unwanted sequel Bad Santa 2 and Tom Hanks (again) in Scully the story of the pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River.

Then to finish the year off another much lover series goes off piste with Rogue One A Star Wars Story, taking place just before the events of the original Star Wars.

The trailer have looked good and after the excellence of Star Wars: The Force Awakens expectation are massive.

This is a massive risk for Lucasfilms and Disney, and it will either boost the series to height never imagined or will do to the series what Episodes I - III did and nearly kill it, fortunately it has recovered!

To round the rear off we have Michael Fassbender trying to do what many other have failed to do and bring a video game series to the screen in Assassins Creed.