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Strange Days No one younger than 18 may see an 18 film in a cinema.

Adults should be free to choose their own entertainment. Exceptions are most likely in the following areas:

  • where the material is in breach of the criminal law, or has been created through the commission of a criminal offence
  • where material or treatment appears to us to risk harm to individuals or, through their behaviour, to society. For example, the detailed portrayal of violent or dangerous acts, or of illegal drug use, which may cause harm to public health or morals. This may include portrayals of sadistic violence, rape or other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour
  • which make this violence look appealing; reinforce the suggestion that victims enjoy rape or other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour; or which invite viewer complicity in rape, other non-consensual sexually violent behaviour or other harmful violent activities
  • where there are more explicit images of sexual activity in the context of a sex work (see right) In the case of video works, which may be more accessible to younger viewers, intervention may be more frequent than for cinema films.


Strange Days
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Year: 1996
 145 minutes (2 hrs 25 mins)
UK release date UK release: 1st March 1996
 BBFC Age Rating:  18 age rating
US release date US release: 13th October 1995
MPAA Age Rating: Strange Days R age rating 
US total gross
  $7.6 Million
Kathryn Bigelow
Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes
Angela Bassett
Juliette Lewis
Tom Sizemore
Michael Wincott
Vincent D'Onofrio
Glenn Plummer
Brigitte Bako
Richard Edson
William Fichtner
Josef Sommer
Joe Urla
Nicky Katt
Michael Jace
Louise LeCavalier
David Carrera
Jim Ishida
Todd Graff
Malcolm Norrington
Anais Munoz
Ted Haler
Rio Hackford
Brook Susan Parker
Brandon Hammond
Donald Donnie Young
B.J. Crockett
Dex Elliott Sanders
Ronnie Willis
David Packer
Paulo Tocha
James M. Muro
Ron Young
Art Chudabala
Erica Kelly
Marlana Young
Ray Chang
Raul Reformina
Chris Douridas
Billie Worley
Amon Bourne
Lisa Picotte
Kylie Ireland
Dru Berrymore
Stefan Arngrim
Agustin Rodriguez
Kelly Hu
Nynno Anderson
Liat Goodson
Honey Labrador
Delane Vaughn
Mark Arneson
James Acheson
John Francis
Royce L. Minor
Milan Reynolds
Russell W. Smith
Sarah Abukutsa Marshall
Russell Hines
Michael Jaasi
Maurice Marshall
Carolyn Adunni McPherson
Jennifer Reeves
Charmain Renata Hubbard
Reginald T. Thornton
Chester A. Whitmore
Lori Simone Wilkerson
Justin Armao
Ed Arneson
Yan Birch
Andrew Calder
Carlos Campos
Jaime H. Campos
Louis Campos
Robert Duckie Carpenter
Dian Childs
John Daniels
Gregory Diamond
Sebastian Feldman
Masaaki Fujimori
Kim Giancaterino
T.J. Jones
Frederick Keeve
Gianluca Lazzaroni
Paul Malinowski
Joe Martinez
Me Phi Me
Duane Trower
Tom Tom Typhoon